Marie-Fleur St-Pierre

Marie-Fleur is currently enjoying a well-earned reputation as a result not only of her success as chef at Tapeo, but also of her recipe book, “Les tapas de Marie-Fleur” and of her television show, “Marie-Fleur et ses tapas”. Now head chef at Mesón, Marie-Fleur shares her passion and knowledge through her creation of delicious and comforting dishes.


Victor Afonso

Ten years ago, Victor founded the tapas bar known as Tapeo with his childhood friend Sébastien Muniz. The foodie has once again united his Portuguese heritage and his deep passion for food with the opening of Mesón. Here he has brought to life his vision of the restaurant industry, to which he is truly committed and excited to share with others as passionate as he. Highly experienced as a restaurant owner, Victor grants a special importance to attentiveness towards the customer while offering a top quality product.


Sébastien Muniz

For Sébastien, the opening of Mesón represents a second chapter to the journey he embarked on when he gave rise to Tapeo. Of Spanish descent, this restaurant owner, who has more than 15 years of experience, places a special emphasis on Mesón having a warm and welcoming feel while proving excellent service. Sébastien’s hope and vision are to offer his customers flavourful food in a friendly setting.


Pedro Oliveira

Pedro, whose roots also stem from Portugal, worked at Tapeo for several years. Today, he is one of the four associates at Mesón. Pedro contributes to the energy of the team by applying the professionalism he has gained from his lengthy experience in the Montreal restaurant scene. Jovial and thoughtful, the young man brings something special to the group through both the warmth of his greeting and his extensive knowledge of wines and of Spanish food staples.